WebScreen is a video conversion service for displaying web pages, photos, and PDFs in VRChat’s video player.

Convert web page to video Convert image to video Convert PDF to Image Make a screen recording and share it to VRChat Share screen to VRChat

Convert web page to video

Web pages can be converted to video and displayed in a video player within VRChat.
You can also scroll by using the video player’s seek bar.
In addition, with the WebScreen extension, you can open the page you want to share and make a video of the web page by simply clicking on the icon.
Add WebScreen Extension

Convert photo to video

Take photos taken on a world tour or with friends and watch them together instantly in VRChat.

Convert PDF to video

Export PowerPoint or Google Slides as PDF and convert it to video to start your presentation in a video player or slide system.

Record your computer screen

You can also use this to show everyone a specific screen of your computer within VRChat, watch VRChat recordings together, or share web pages that require a login.

Screen sharing to VRChat video player

Stream your own computer screen to VRChat’s video player. You can use it to share your work, or to explain or introduce your work while viewing your computer screen.

View history

From History, you can link to and download videos you have converted in the last 14 days. Downloaded videos can be posted and shared on Twitter and other social media.